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Freedom Matters

Saturday, 7 AM

In the last twelve months, we have seen significant challenges to our God-given freedoms. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are now working on cases that challenge our clients’ freedom to live and work according to their faith, speak freely about their beliefs and hold life as sacred. Mainstream media and other influential institutions increasingly cheerlead the culture to accept and even advocate for the termination of freedom for disfavored groups, like those who hold to the founding ideas about freedom of religion and free speech. Just last month, Yale University Students signed a petition to repeal the First Amendment. They represent the erosion in understanding of our constitutional freedoms and why they matter.

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    Koinonia, hosted by Tom Brown, features news, encouragement, and commentary on the community we live in.  Hear compelling interviews of people called by God to serve their community and enjoy Tom's insightful observations of news, events and entertainment.

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